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Helmet Art

We are back with our first 10 top helmet artists (*many more to come!!). Each of them has his/her own style, different from one another, but all of them special and unique.
Join us on this journey to discover the incredible talent and creativity of these motorcycle art visionaries!

@hellocousteau  (Portugal) Although he describes himself in his own Instagram account as “A bored interior designer designing all kinds of stuff”, he is one of our favorites of all times. His style is clean, minimal, and plain.

Here you can read a couple of interviews that were conducted by Gear Patrol and Bell.

Helmet SnoopyHelmet Coke Zero

Helmet vintage faceHelmet MarlboroHelmet Benetton


@helmart_design (New Zealand) He started creating his racing-style designs at the age of 12 and, as you can find on his website, these helmets are either for traveling around the world in Formula 1, or for displaying it at home.

Helmart designHelmart design blue helmetHelmart design red HelmetHelmart design Purple Helmet 

@andwerndesign (USA) The LA-based automotive designer creates a world of simplicity and cleanliness mixed with gradient effects for not only helmets, but also cars. His designs take the breath away.

andwern design 01
andwern design Helmet
andwern design Helmet
andwern design Helmet

@deathspray (UK) Although we love everything this artist creates, we are obsessed with his helmets. His 80’s style is something that differentiates his pieces of art. 
Here you can read an interview conducted by Mr Porter


death spray
death spray Helmet
death spray Helmet
death spray Helmet


@wolo_kustom (France) This French designer plays with illustrations to create these “one of a kind” helmets.

wolo kustom helmet art

wolo kustom helmet art black

wolo kustom Helmet art snake

wolo kustom Helmet Art Rose


@dave_designs (Spain) Based in Spain and mostly worn by professionals, you can also get them for your personal use. They have very well-defined racing designs.
dave designs helmet Ferrari red
dave designs Helmet Pink
dave designs Helmet Red Bull
dave designs Helmet Yellow

@mama_custom  (France) Delivering custom-art from France to all over the world. Her style is also inspired by illustrations.
mama custom helmet Mushrooms
mama custom Helmet Harley Davidson
mama custom Helmet white
mama custom Helmet lion

@mdm_designs  (UK) His designs are worn by the well-known George Russell, Lando Norris, Sergio Perez, Alex Albon, Pato O’Ward, & Carlin, among others. His style is inspired by racing helmets and, surprisingly, he also rocks website designs.
mdm designs Helmet Redbull red
mdm designs Helmet Blue
mdm designs Helmet Pink
mdm designs Helmet Palms


@morewilk_art (Spain) Creating custom-art in the south of Spain, his designs are very minimalist and clean.
morewilk_art Helmet vespa black
morewilk art Helmet vespa white
morewilk art Helmet Gray
morewilk art Helmet brown


@oliegraphics (NL). Mixing different shades in his designs, this designer from the Netherlands also creates racing helmets. 
oliegraphics Helmet Red
oliegraphics Helmet yellow
oliegraphics Helmet orange
oliegraphics Helmet pink


After all these inspirations, we know that it’s hard to decide the artist that will create your dream helmet. Once you do, you better take care of it and we bet there’s hardly a better place than our Helmet Rack and our Helmet Stand.
Halley Helmet Rack
Halley Helmet Stand
Which one do you prefer? We look forward to reading your feedback!

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