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The minimal approach to helmet storage.

Give your helmet its own place in your home.

Halley Accessories wall helmet rack storage

Where do you store your helmet?

Fed up of having our helmets hidden in cupboards or torn by traditional coat hooks, we came up with a solution: the Halley Helmet Rack

Helmet Stand - Halley Accessories

Our aim is to design a minimalist and functional display that supports your helmet the right way thanks to its spherical surface, which creates a large surface area to stop the lining from tearing or distorting.

The smooth, spherical design is made to create a large surface area and fewer pressure points inside the helmet. This stops the lining from tearing and distorting, a problem often caused by traditional racks and hooks.

Halley Accessories wall helmet rack hanger


The design is minimalist and smart, whilst also versatile to suit the rider’s own style. The black matt coloring represents our clean and sophisticated aesthetics. Our vision is to create a timeless look by using quality materials and smooth finishes.

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