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Wall Helmet Rack

Halley Accessories

Product image 1Halley Accessories - Wall Helmet Rack
Product image 2Halley wall helmet rack with gringo helmet
Product image 3Halley Wall Helmet Rack display Hedon Hepicurist helmet
Product image 4Wall Helmet Rack
Product image 5Halley Accessories Helmet Rack Packaging

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Our flagship product, the Halley Helmet Rack, is a minimalist and functional wall rack that securely supports your helmet. The stainless steel, spherical design provides a larger surface area to prevent the inner lining from tearing or distorting.

Suitable for open face and full face helmets.Halley wall helmet rack suitable open face full face helmets

Size Halley wall helmet rack

  MATERIALMaterial Halley wall helmet rack

  EASY ASSEMBLYAssembly Halley wall helmet rack


· 1- Helmet Rack body  
· 2- Trim 
· 3- Stainless Steel Ball 
· 4- Wall plug x4 
· 5- Screw x4 
· 6- Washer x4 
· 7- Technical Screw x2 
· 8- Installation Instructions

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