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Halley Homes #01

Once a small feature in our newsletter, Halley Homes is our brand new blog section where, periodically, you’ll find interior design inspiration from a variety of tastemakers from all around the world to discover how they keep their helmets in great shape with our Halley Rack and Stand.

This week, we’re getting a look into the homes of Tommaso Spinzi, Marco Di Marcello, and Nostalgia Memoir. Each with a very distinctive style and informed by different eras and influences, all three share a deep passion for design, motorbikes and creating atmospheres that speak volumes about who we are.


Tommaso Spinzi (@tommasospinzi), (@spinzidesign)

Italian designer Tommaso Spinzi is truly a natural, mixing antique treasures with avant-garde pieces. Founder of Spinzi Design, Tommaso and his team have mastered the art of imprinting a very distinctive and personal aesthetic to their work while being loyal to their clients’ lifestyle and taste.


Halley Helmet Stand with Hedon Heroine Helmet on a cabinet


Halley Helmet Rack and Porsche in Spinzi Studio

Halley Helmet Rack in Spinzi Studio



Marco Di Marcello (@markdimark)

A bike builder, athletic trainer to FMI Italian Motorcycling Federation and photographer, Marco Di Marcello, is a modern-day multi-hyphenate devoted to his motorcycles and (now on pause) world-wide travels. We can see how he has a sharp eye for capturing beauty and an impeccable sense of style that’s greatly inspired by his hometown of Rome are fundamental to Marco’s interior design choices.









Nostalgia Memoir (@nostalgia_memoir)

Jun Song, the man behind Nostalgia Memoir, is a creative director and photographer from Salt Lake City whose passion for motorcycle culture infuses not only his work portfolio, but his incredibly personal and well-curated interiors. Art Deco accents and mid-century style furniture blend in with his eclectic helmet collection, and we couldn’t love the result more.


Halley_Helmet_Stand nostalgia memoir

Halley_Helmet_Stand Helmet collection

Halley_Helmet_Stand nexx helmet

Halley_Helmet_Stand Nexx Quinquina Bourin Poster


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